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Antiviral Sanitisation

Protect your home from all the nasty germs that comes with contact and bacteria build-up. We can apply all the very best products, fitted to your needs, to rid your property of these microbes so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a hygienic and sanitised space. Contact us today so we can administer these preventative measures before its too late!

Services included

Domestic Sanitisation
Commercial Sanitisation
Preventative Measures


Benefits of Choosing Us

The Green Cleaning sanitisation team uses professional equipment and will wipe all washable surfaces down in order to disinfect from all the harmful germs.

Our broad spectrum and certified disinfectant solution is perfect for disease control or precautionary measure in any property or business. In order to ensure and maintain hygienic conditions, we use only the best.

Our antiviral sanitisation service can be requested separately or combined with any of our other services.

Professional sanitising service for your home or business. Our detergent can be used on hard floors, carpets, surfaces all around the property. They are applicable in a vast array of circumstances, where this specialised service can be requested. 

All surfaces the switches, door handles, skirting boards, desks and tables, furniture and even the electronic devices will be wiped throughout. The floors, the front door and the entrance to the property will also be fully sanitised, so we can guarantee a safe environment for your house members or colleagues.

Why Choose Us

  • Using EN 1276 certified non-toxic virucidal solutions.

  • Kills 99.999% of germs, thus minimising the risk of spread of viral infection.

  • Cleaned by experienced technicians.

  • Emergency 24/7 service available.

  • Options for domestic and commercial properties.

  • Fully insured experts.

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