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Oven cleaning experts

We can make your oven like sparkling new !

we provide affordable and high-quality oven cleaning service. Our oven clean service is safe for use around children and pets.

Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable to carry out professional oven cleans at competitive prices. 

Your local, mobile Oven cleaner can restore a range of appliances including:

            Why book professional oven cleaning service?

              You can get many benefits of entrusting your oven to a professional cleaning company:

To call professional oven cleaning company, is incredibly important in maintaining not only its functionality and energy efficiency, but also to ensure the food you and your family eats is safe and hygienic. Indeed, there are many great benefits a clean oven provides, including:

  • A thoroughly cleaned oven helps you save money on electricity bills as it heats up quicker and consumes less energy.

  • Professional oven cleaning specialists use strong detergents which not only kill bacteria but also harmful carbon residue.

  • Many oven manufacturers recommend taking advantage of professional cleaning in order to extend your appliance’s life.

  • Tastier food that’s not contaminated from baked on grease

  • Reduces risk of fire from fat and grease build up

  • A clean oven refreshes the overall look of your kitchen


 Our cleaning technique effectively lifts even the most stubborn of baked on grease and food from all areas of your oven, leaving it looking and smelling as good as new. 

before oven cleaning
Oven cleaning

You can add other cleaning services with oven cleaning to get discounted price

Other cleaning services you can benefit from at discounted rate if you book together with oven cleaning:

  • Hob Cleaning - Gas hob and Electric hob  you name it, we clean it!

  • Appliance cleaning - You can have all of your white-goods professionally cleaned. This includes washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, microwaves and more.

  • Splash back cleaning – Cleaners can manually scrub the splash back using a detergent. This is suitable for inox, tiled, and glass splash backs, and can be booked as a separate service.

  • Extractor fan cleaning - Extractors tend to get quite greasy and dirty. That results in their inability to work properly and therefore your whole house fills with the smell of food and grease. We take the removable parts of the extractor and soak them in solution. We scrub them and clean them carefully.

hob cleaning
hob cleaning

Frequently asked questions about oven cleaning !


Q: Is it possible to get some discount?

A: Yes, you can. If you book oven cleaning + another of our services, you get a discounted price. A lot of our clients prefer to combine the cleanup of their cooker with a fridge or dishwasher cleaning, but you can add any other of our services, and you will still get a reduction of the price.

Q: Do you bring all the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions?

A: Yes, we provide everything necessary for an impeccable oven cleaning job.

Q: Do you clean hobs, extractors, fridges, and other white goods?

A: Yes, we clean all kinds of kitchen appliances. Contact us for additional information about our white goods cleaning services.

Q: Do you clean AGA and other types of heat-storage range cookers?

A: All the technicians in our team are well-trained to can clean AGA, Rangemaster, and any other type of heat-storage range cookers. 

Q: Exactly how long does it take to clean my oven fully?

A: The time we need to clean an oven depends on the size and condition of the appliance. However, our technicians will be able to be more precise and give you a time estimate once they are on site. 

Q: Do I have to give access to electricity or a hot water source for the oven cleaning service?

A: Yes, please do. We need access to hot water to effectively remove all of the grime and grease off your oven. As for the electricity, we need a power source to do the testing of the appliance before and after we are ready with the cleaning job and make sure everything works properly.

Oven cleaning is a hard job. So why do it yourself when you could hire our professional oven cleaners ? Green Cleaning Services offers high-quality and deep oven cleaning for your cooking appliances. Call our team now on 01753 569888 to get your free quote or book a service instantly.